Sunday, June 21, 2009

Variations on Betrayal opens to rave audience reviews! offers audience reviews - these are a few that we have received!

Review: What a tour de force for these five actors! (not to mention the director/playwright)One of the actresses, Kellie Raines is fabulous, her characters are a range of American clowns all played to the hilt with astonishing brilliance. The rest of the cast is equally as talented and will give you a show you won't soon forget! I saw this show in previews and I only expect it to get better

Review: Good show, Ben Ismail was great, and held the show together. Go see this show, you will not be dissapointed.

Review: This show is a romp, plain and simple. The actors begin in hilarity and they just don't stop. The energy that these five colorful clowns posess is undeniable. The women in this show stood out for me. The array of characters that were played by the three actresses was staggering. From the hilariously erotic Andre, played masterfully by Jessica Goldman, to the playful and endearing Philip, portrayed by Kelly Raines, to the sarcastic, two faced, social climber yet delightfully charming Horatio, played by Alicia Krumm - the ladies worked hard to bring together a truly ensemble cast. Go see this show!

Review: I saw the show on opening night and was blown away! The performances were brilliant and the history lesson was superb! I truly didn't know the true story of Benedict Arnold and I can now appreciate more fully the position he found himself in. It was both a laugh out loud experience and a tragic tour de force wrapped into one! If you love good theater don't miss this show.

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