Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cast Announced for Next Show

BPP's next show opens on February 13th - Last Days of Judas Iscariot at the Wilkerson Theatre (formerly known as California Stage) and is directed by Michael RJ Campbell. This Broadway hit poses the philosophical question: “If God is all-forgiving, why is Judas condemned to an eternity in hell?” Live from a courtroom in purgatory, Judas’ retrial provides a comedic retake on the most famous betrayal in history.

We recently had auditions for the show and are pleased to announce that some old friends who have worked with us before are in the show. You'll also see actors from other companies and shows around town.

Renee DeGarmo plays Cunningham

Margaret Morneau plays Henrietta Iscariot

Joelle Wirth plays St. Monica

Ashley Miguel plays Mother Teresa\Loretta

Kellie Raines plays Gloria\Sister Glenna

Kristine David plays Mary Magdalene/Gentlemen

David Campfield plays Judas

Barry Hubbard plays Satan

Justin Muñoz plays El-Fayoumy

Mark Hoffman plays Judge\Caiphas the Elder

James Ellison plays Pilate

Ben Ismail plays Matthias\St. Peter

Colby Salmon plays Matthew\Freud

Jay Patrick plays Baliff\Simon

Shawn B O'Neal plays St. Thomas\Uncle Pino

Kyle Gundlach plays Jesus

P Joshua Laskey plays Butch

Nic Candito is our Stage Manager and also plays Soldier 1

Robert Phillips is our Technical Director and also plays Soldier 2

Michael RJ Campbell is our Director and also plays Soldier 3

If you can answer the following question, then you will win two tickets to the show.

What actor has worked with BPP before and what was the name of the show? This is a trick question because there are several actors who have work with us before, but you only need to name one of them. Email your answers to us at by December 31st.

Click on this link for the review from the Broadway production.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Audtions for February Show

Auditions for the Beyond the Proscenium Productions (BPP) premiere of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Michael RJ Campbell, are set for Sunday December 7th and Monday December 8th @ 7:00 pm Please come to the Sunday audition, we would like to have Monday the 8th as a callback date. If you can only make it to the 8th please come anyway. Wilkerson Theatre (previously known as California Stage), 1723 25th St. (enter the gray fence at 25th & R Streets, look to your right).

The case of Judas Iscariot is brought forth in a courtroom in a place called Hope located in Downtown Purgatory. Character witnesses are brought to the stand to testify. This is a very raw and edgy script that plays on a lot of emotions. It takes a look into humanity and how we judge others.

Henrietta Iscariot: (female 40-50) Judas's mother. Gentle, Caring, Heartbroken.

Judge Littlefeild: (male 40-50) Hard, stubborn, no nonsense.

Bailiff / Simon the Zealot: (male 20-30) as bailiff: simple, quiet.

As Simon: Militant Ghetto Thug, One of the BOYZ!

Jesus: (male 20-30) Compassionate, caring, nurturing.

St Monica: (female 20-40) Sassy, eccentric, loud, bigger than the universe. (pref.african amarican or hispanic)

Mother Theresa: (female 20-40) Your stereotypical image of her, and very Deaf.

Mary Magdalene: (female 20-30)Sweet, free spirit,

Butch Honeywell: (male 30-40) An everyman…

Saint Thomas: (male early 20's) The doubter.

Saint Mathew: (male 20-50) The tax man.

Caiaphas the Elder: (male 40-50)

Saint Peter: (male 20-30) The fisher of men, tough,

Gloria: (female 20-40) an angel

Sigmund Freud (male 40-50):

Contact director Michael RJ Campbell
at for more info.

The play opens Feb 13th and runs Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for five weeks, at Wilkerson Theatre (previously known as California Stage), 1723 25th St, Sacramento.