Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What They're Saying about the Show Already

Even though they saw the show on opening night, people are not being shy about speaking their minds about it. Here's what they're saying on the See-a-Play website (http://www.seeaplay.com/productionsReviewsJudas.htm)

audience reviews

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Beyond the Proscenium Productions

Review: Simply amazing. From the first monologue to the fading of the lights at the end, it is an emotional roller coaster. The director has pulled together a great cast to give us the laughs and the tears of this production. The language can be on the rough side, so I would recommend this for mature theatre-goers. I will be seeing this production again.

Review: Unforgettable-- if I should surmise the content of the writing, the caliber of the performers, the impression this corroboration has imprinted on me into a single word. I am not faint of heart nor am I easily moved (however, my taste may be somewhat out of sync with the rest) yet I limped out of the theatre raccoon eyed and in undeniable need of a Costco sized box of Kleenex. There is such bona fide humanity in this ensemble: using simple, common and everyday words one's eye lids may be slit open to reveal another aspect of people, morals, perspective and (that socially infamous heading) Christianity. Hailing from any creed/religion, I genuinely believe that this production shall stir something awake within you.

Review: I saw "Last Days..." on opening night. The theater was small, yet personable. While waiting for the show to start, two of the actors sat and remained motionless until the start of the play. The monologues by each of the actors help provide the factual information to set a strong foundation for the coming character exchanges. The other actors were very skilled, taping into my emotions consistently. There wasn't really "One Actor" that stood out because each of them was very strong and professional. While the play, at times, seemed to drag on (some of the exchanges seemed too long) it is well worth anyone's time to see this amazing play. It's thought-provoking, emotional, and an absolute necessity to experience!

Review: I enjoyed this show very much! The actors were able to draw me in from the first scene and keep me enthralled completely. I loved how the religious figures are modernized in a way that makes them accessible without diminishing the root of their characters. With the information given and projection of energy, I was on a rollercoaster of emotions the entire time. Standout performances were given by each actor, but I will have to give props to the fabulous St. Monica who played up the comedy in her role without harming the meaning of the words, and the monolog from St. Augustine bringing a tear, a smile, and the deep understanding of their friendships was strongly received. And to all Thank You for an Excellent Performance, I look forward to your next production

Review: An overwhelming experience of an amazing play made more memorable by fine acting. From the poignant comments by Judas' mother, the powerful depiction of Saint Monica, the smooth yet diabolical Satan, the tragedy of Judas, the comments by Freud and the gentle passion of Christ, I was deeply moved: to tears, to laughter, to hightened awareness and finally, to the direct experience of love's healig power. This is a unique, well directed, not to be missed play.
- E.

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